Leannaorganics (Export and Import Products, Orders & Reviews)


Export & Import Products, Orders & Reviews. I have exported products, orders, and reviews from one site and then import it to another client website the same as exported. Website Link: leannaorganics Image 1: Image 2: Image 3 Product Reviews:

LEDERHOSE BROWN BEAR (import Csv & Cron Job)


Import Csv With Live Product Feed: I have imported products from the live feed and make settings accordingly so when a new product is added it will create new products on this website and if any product is deleted that specific product will be removed from this website. (Import Csv)


Import CSV: I have imported thousands of products with big CSV File. Rows in this CSV file are 130000  and after customization and editing, csv contains 18,00,000 Rows. I have split big CSV into 50 small CSV's and then import all CSV's. Product Link: Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic LT 2009 (Import Csv & Cron Job)


Import CSV & Cron Job: I have imported different CSV's from different suppliers. I have set up a daily auto stock update with the different suppliers by using FTP Csv links. Export & Import Template: I have made two templates of export and import in which client can simple export sheet and update title and [...]

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